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ABout Ronica Brown

I am a certified public accountant (CPA) and business tax expert. My first attempt at business was at age 9 when I started selling ketchup packets to classmates in school. I quickly learned the harsh lessons about cash flow, profits, and keeping more of what I made. Now, my passion is to teach business owners how to manage their business financial life.

After completing my master’s degree in accounting and taxation, I worked 11 years helping high-net-worth individuals and corporations to reduce their taxes. Now, I use these same concepts to help small businesses implement money saving strategies that are designed to reduce their taxes and keep more money in their pocket. I can help any business owner to save at least $5K on their taxes. My new record for 2019 is $200K for one business owner. Help me to beat this record!

I believe that every business owner should be able to reduce their taxes using the tax loopholes that the IRS allows them to take. I also run a coaching program where I help other tax professionals and CPAs to implement tax planning strategies, so that they too can help their clients reduce their taxes.

At Ronica Brown Agency, we understand that financials and taxes can be intimidating, even for seasoned business owners. But don’t get lost in the day to day and ignore the financials because you don’t know how to manage it. We are here to help!

I am passionate about business and social entrepreneurship and volunteers my time to teach young adults the value of entrepreneurship to build strong communities.

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