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About Ronica Brown

Ronica Brown is a certified public accountant (CPA) and business owner who is driven by her love for entrepreneurship. She has been a business owner since age 16, and is energized by helping others to find efficient solutions to suit the needs of their business.

After completing her Master's degree in Accounting and Taxation, Ronica has worked in tax planning for high networth individuals and large corporations. Ronica left corporate America to become the co-founder of Alliance CPA Group, and more recently she has become the founder and president of Ronica Brown Agency.

Ronica's financial background and experience in business allows her to easily relate to her clients and provide them with support they need to grow their business. Her work is now focused on helping small business owners implement advanced tax strategies and loopholes to reduce their taxes. Now I help business owners save anywhere from $5K to over $200K on their taxes.

Ronica is passionate about social entrepreneurship and volunteers her time to teach young adults the value of entrepreneurship to build strong communities.

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