Our done for your services are tailored to help you save time and money. Whether you are a small business or a business on the rise, we have packages and services to suit your budget. From bookkeeping and tax preparation to business growth, we have you covered.

Tax Planning

Tax planning helps you to implement tax strategies that will reduce how much you pay to the IRS. We start by understanding your personal and business goals and build you a tax plan that will provide the cash for you to achieve these goals while reducing your taxes so you pay less each year to the IRS.

Our tax planning services are ideal for proactive business owners who want to pay less in taxes and keep more cash in their life. On a quarterly basis, we will also work with you to implement this plan. Put the strategies in action, move tax-free cash, pay yourself more strategically, etc.…

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Tax Preparation

In addition to preparing you to implement a tax savings plan, we will prepare your business and personal income tax returns.  This is the final step to comply with IRS laws and avoid costly penalties.

Bookkeeping, RecordKeeping and Financial Management

We can help you to keep better records and manage your “books”. As a result, you will be able to make better financial decisions and have more time to perform income-producing tasks. You may choose bookkeeping as a stand-alone service or as part of a package.

In addition to your books, this service will help you to make decisions with the information from your business. Keeping accurate books are done for you to acheive these business goals:

1) Provide you with information to make business decisions

2) Provide you with information to understand your business

3) Provide information to tax planning and tax return filing

3) Provide you with information to understand your business financial performance

4) Implement proper record keeping so that you can win an IRS audit.

This service helps you to accomplish these goals and stay on track with business financial goals and know how your business is performing so that you can make accurate decisions to scale your business. 

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Your business is growing fast and you feel more chaotic than ever before. Your cash flow and profits are not where it should be for the revenue you are bringing in; your time is consumed with training and fixing problems rather than focusing on growth. 

You may have started the year with the plan to scale your business, but, how much of that money will you keep? What margins are you planning to make on your services? What is the cost of doing business? Since everything in your business affects your bottom-line, there are 4 key strategies that you can focus on to ensure you increase the amount of cash you keep from each dollar of revenue.

We work with you to help you accelerate your profits by implementing cash flow strategies and profit strategies that will help you to become the true CEO of your business and have the cash flow, profits, and time-freedom you desire.


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