I’m Ronica,

  • Do you feel that you are currently paying too much on your taxes each year, that you sometimes wonder if running a business is really worth your time?

  • Does tax season make you stressed, confused or angry?

  • Are you worried about being audited by the IRS?

  • Are you overwhelmed by all the confusing or misleading tax information out there (laws, deductions, brackets, and strategy)

  • Do you wish you had more clarity on taxes, so you can implement effective tax-saving strategies like the rich do?

If this sounds, like you then you have come to the right place!

After building my business for the last 7 years, and working with several business owners, I found that they are losing money every year in their businesses. Overpaying on taxes is one of the main sources. Business owners for far too long are not able to maximize their deductions and credits because:

 1) They and their peers hold the wrong beliefs about taxes

2) They LACK the information they need to make money-saving moves during the year

3) They are inundated with bad information that even allows them to lose out on simple deductions.  Which in their mind they get a deduction but in reality, it's a different story.

 4) They don't understand how the tax system works, the people who they work with don't understand, and the cycle of losing money just perpetuates itself.

 5) The business tax and accounting market is completely different for small businesses than other business owners. This doesn't benefit the business owners.

  • You want to KEEP your money pay less and less in taxes!

  • You have a PREDICTABLE dollar amount that you can see in your bank account – just from tax savings

  • You want to start building wealth the right RIGHT WAY by using your TAX SAVINGS!

  • You want to SAVE ENORMOUS AMOUNTS OF TIME & MONEY by taking advantage of all the best tax strategies. Your accountant will take years to let you know these exist! 

    The GOOD NEWS is! You are in the RIGHT place. I have DONE all the work for you a giving you all the information that will help you to see more money in your bank account this year. It’s time to start doing business and taxes the CASH FLOW way like how rich people do it and do not settle for the TAX SEASON noise that will make you lose money.

We are sitting here going through our numbers and just wanted to you to know that we appreciate you!
— Gerald, Marketing and Creative Agency
She provides information to ensure that I can take the highest advantage when filing my taxes for that year. She also provides tips and ways to run my business in a much smoother manner.
— Jenny, Attorney
I am in business for 8 years and couldn’t imagine moving forward without working with Ronica. After years of wondering and stressing from not knowing if I am doing things the right way. She was able to help me to make several changes in my business and start saving money.
— Samantha, Business Consultant
Ronica has been a truly a pleasure to work with and has provided a great deal of knowledge and resources to my wife and me to aid us to run our small business.

— Keith, Catering Company